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There are no boring coffee break time for this busty blondie since she found someone to tease during this hours when she’s like the only person in the building who doesn’t really find pleasure drinking caffeine. She considers herself naturally high and upbeat when need be and doesn’t want any help from a steamy hot cup of anything. It’s easy to see what she means in this kinky solo play clip when she brings her toys to work and use them to entertain herself and her pervy co-worker.

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Whenever business kinda gets a bit slow during the day and there’s not much to do in her cafe, this naughty busty bimbo always comes up with fun stuff to do to keep herself from falling asleep while waiting on customers to serve. She would bring skimpy outfits and role play when nobody’s watching but this particular morning was different as she let her sole customer watch her do her dirty deed on the counter, hoping he’d join her and not make a complete fool out of herself. He didn’t fail her as he started towards her, watching her intently at first, probably making sure she’s actually inviting him for a nice quick fuck.

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